miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2011



As brave as he is handsome, the future King of the realm called Piros is passionate and true of heart.

While he´s far from ready to get married, he accepts his responsabilities with dignity for he knows it will bring peace to his people.

"Lost Kingdom" # 1 (English Edition) NOW ON SALE by Class Comics. BUY NOW
"Lost Kingdom" # 1 (Spanish Edition) YA A LA VENTA por Odisea Editorial COMPRA AHORA

viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011

"LOST KINGDOM" (English Edition) - NOW ON SALE

"Lost Kingdom" is a fantastic new series filled with rich mythology, action, magic and of course, sexy naked men splayed across each page.

In the classic tradition of heroic fantasies, this new series chronicles the story of two very different kingdoms joining together to fight a common enemy.

Each page is overflowing with testosterone while the heroes within wage great battles where their best weapon is... sex.

For over a year, Javi Cuho (writer) & Silvano (artist) have been working on this universe of magical characters and supernatural beings, creating a comic that can be enjoyed with both hands, or with only one.

Patrick Fillion contributed the cover art for the series, which is sure to be a hit with his followers!

"Lost Kingdom" is perfectly match for those interested in the adventure & fantasy genre both in literature, on television and also on the big screen.

Lost Kingdom Title Information:
Book #1 $7.99 ISBN 978-1-897102-58-9
High quality 24 page printed color comic.